Update 29-06-2020

Major changes:

  • Sonar now has an option to catch another fish without the need to cast the rod - under the fish information window, two new buttons appeared "Next" and "Release". The "Release" button will cause the hooked fish to be released. The "Next" button will change the currently hooked fish. All active enhancers will be used again when that option is picked.
  • Wheel of Fortune multi-spin - Players can now choose an option to multi-spin. After using that option, the wheel will be spun the number of times described beside the button. After the spins are finished, a Player will receive a window with all won rewards.
  • Next Challenge timer - Players can now see when will the next Challenge start without the need to check their inboxes.


  • Balance fixes in events and challenges
  • Ranking fixes
  • Fixes to game performance and stability

Several minor changes and fixes.


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