Grand Tournament

Grand Tournament is a new kind of competition in Fishing Clash. It's based on the primary principle: compete with others in a duel-like series of skirmishes.

How it works:

  • The mode appears in the game periodically,
  • Fish to be caught in skirmishes are automatically chosen for participants (they don't get to choose them individually),
  • The number of fish species to be caught in skirmishes ranges from 1 to 3,
  • The duration of a skirmish is different than the one of a classic duel,
  • Players are level-matched to make the competition fair,
  • Players get prizes after each won skirmish,
  • To get the main prize, a player needs to win a set number of skirmishes,
  • Players start the competition with a certain number of 'lives',
  • Each lost skirmish results in losing one life,
  • Players can't compete in the Grand Tournament after losing all lives,
  • Lives can be replenished for pearls.

Please note that the mode may not be available for all the players at the same time.

Sounds simple? Go on then, test your stamina in the Grand Tournament!

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