VIP status

Welcome to VIP status in Fishing Clash.

VIP status

Each player can get a VIP status. VIP status gives players a lot of benefits depending on their VIP status level. Players can level up their VIP status by gaining VIP points.

VIP points

Some purchases give a player a specific number of VIP points.
VIP points can also be  gained by opening gifts in the shop.

In their profile, players can always check how many VIP points they have and how many more they need to reach the next VIP status level.

VIP levels

VIP status has many levels. Each time players get a specific number of points, they reach the next VIP status level.
Once they reach a higher level, they get a special one-off reward.
What’s more, each level guarantees a few permanent benefits, such as extra lures in every lure pack, special VIP events, challenges and an exclusive VIP support chat for players of the highest VIP status levels.
VIP levels are permanent and players can’t lose them, but in some cases, their VIP status can be withdrawn.

At this moment there are 15 VIP levels.
Their number and the number of points required to level up may change in the future.

VIP status benefits:

- Better free daily rewards in the shop,
- Increased limit of catching fish for coins,
- Extra pearls for each purchase of pearls in the shop,
- VIP points bonus,
- Unique VIP offers,
- Extra coins for each purchase of coins in the shop,
- Extra lures in lure packs,
- Extra buffs for each purchase of buffs in the shop,
- Challenges available only for VIP players,
- Wheel of Fortune available only for VIP players,
- Events available only for VIP players of specific status level,
- VIP Support Reports from VIP players will have a higher priority when being handled by customer service. The priority may vary depending on the player’s VIP status level. The time of reply may also depend on the number of reports sent to the customer service.
- VIP chat will enable direct contact with customer service. First, a player has to agree to terms of service. The time of reply may also depend on the number of messages sent to the customer service and time zone.

VIP status

A place where players can check their current VIP status level.
The current VIP status level.
The number of points required for the next VIP level.
The current list of benefits available for your VIP level.
List o benefits and one-off rewards players get once they reach the next VIP level.

VIP status deprivation

Players can’t lose their VIP status once they gain it, but in some cases, it may be withdrawn, e.g. when a player gets a refund for purchases.

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