Rod system update

With the update added on 08.01.2020 - several changes to the rod system have been implemented.

The rods that player gained up to this point will not be changed. Only the rods acquired after the update will operate on the new system.

The main new change is adding the seventh rod level. Now, players will have the ability to gain even more powerful rod which will help them in catching bigger fish and earning better scores.

From now on, rod bonuses available on every rod level will also change. The fish rarity will now be the main bonus type. It will be randomly picked on the first rod level and will be unchanged for that rod on its every level. For specific levels, those bonuses will be:

  • Level 1 - Bigger weight for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 2 - Better Sonar value or better Luck for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 3 - Better weight for specific fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 4 - Better Sonar value or better Luck for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 5 - Better weight for all caught fish
  • Level 6 - Better chance for catching bigger fish for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 7 - Better Weight bonus for fish with the described rod rarity

On level 7 the rod will gain the following traits:

- Score bonus for uninterrupted Combo up to 1,2%
- Instant catch chance increase up to 6%

Rods can be now obtained in several places, such as championships or by winning duels.

The update regards only the new rods acquired from 08.01.2020 - rods obtained before will work on the previous system.

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