October/November - Fisherman’s Diaries Changes!

Another month and more changes!

  1. Rewards for Club Ranking
    As mentioned in the previous letter, we took a closer look at rewards for the best fishing clubs. And from now on, every member of top 3 clubs gains the latest fishery journal issues containing info about fisheries. Moreover, members of top 10 clubs win a trophy for participation in this prestigious event.

  2. Rewards for daily logging in
    Some time ago, we introduced major changes in the Daily Gift functionality. We changed the pool of prizes and their duration - extended to one month. Rewards are now visible for players. And for the best anglers, we’ve prepared fishery journals containing info about fisheries.

  3. Fishery List
    It’s been several months since the introduction of fishery journals. To make improving knowledge about fisheries even more enjoyable, we created a special list with all fisheries available in the game. Now you can easily manage fishery trainings to catch even bigger fish.
    You can also find useful info about current events at specific fisheries. We recommend checking the list regularly! Just move the cursor over the map icon in the main menu to see the panel containing the fishery list icon.

  4. Refreshed gifts
    We freshened up gifts you can send to your friends. ‘Fishing Guide’ was updated with info about the latest fisheries. We’ll keep refreshing the magazine with every new fishery added to the game.

The whole Let's Fish team wishes you successful fishing and see you in the game!

Lets's Fish Product Owner

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