September - Magazines, Fish, Equipment

September was a month of important changes according to feedback we received from the Let's Fish community.

  1. Magazine prices, Mekong
    Magazines have been present for over two years in Let's Fish and their prices have never changed. This month we decided to permanently reduce prices of the magazine, vehicle and tackle at Mekong. We do not rule out similar changes at other fisheries in the near future.

  2. Fish at the fishery, Lake Grey
    Lake Grey is a great opportunity to catch new fish species. While introducing Lake Grey, we started putting only new fish instead of existing ones in the game to increase the value of magazines.

  3. Tackle sets
    You can use this functionality to manage your tackle faster and more efficiently. No more struggling with finding the right tackle to quickly take part in current events.

  4. Full speed ahead!
    We're constantly monitoring and analyzing all active rankings to keep the game balance. We are also preparing a new functionality that will allow you to win amazing prizes every day.

    The whole Let's Fish team wishes you successful fishing and see you in the game!


Let's Fish Product Owner

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