In Fishing Clash players may join or create a clan.
There are several benefits for being in a clan:
- Players can participate in a CLAN CHEST event. It is clan exclusive event where players have to collect points collectively during its duration. The more points players in their clan will earn, the higher Clan Chest they can open. The maximum level of Clan Chest may contain Legendary Lures. Only players who are present in their clan for the whole duration of this event can participate and collect their reward afterwards.

- Players can earn the benefit of their clan placing high in an event ranking. Clan ranking points during events are being counted regardless of the player individual score. Not every event may have clan ranking.
- Players can ask and donate for lures - this can be required to gain extra points in certain events. Please note, that donations are limited based on the lure rarity.

- Players have access to the Clan chat and may speak to each other.

To create a clan, click on the clan icon found on the left side of the screen. On the displayed screen pick "Create Clan" tab. You will be able to name your clan, select its avatar and add a clan description.

You may also set the clan to be
- open - where any player can join
- invite - where you'll have to accept players requests
You can also set how many trophies a player has to have in order to join your clan and set the displayed country of your clan.
Creating will cost you 1000 coins.

To join a clan, pick "Search Clan" tab. You will be able to search a clan by its name. After finding one that you are interested in, enter it by tapping on its name and then press the "JOIN" button to either join or apply.

Please note that you will have to type in the correct name of a clan when searching for one. This means that capital letters, spaces and special signs have to be the same as the clan you are looking for.

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