Update 01-07-2019


New fishing gear features:

      - Lures can now be assigned to fishing rods – it will help players decide which of their rods are best for catching specific fish. Several lures can be assigned to one fishing rod.

      - Lure auto-assign – to make gear more user-friendly. Lures will be auto-assigned to rods.

      - The gear window cosmetic changes.

      - Changes in the gear statistics.

      - More detailed fishing rod bonus information on the fishing screen.

      More information on the rod system, including the listed changes, can be found HERE

- New Good Luck buff – works the same as other buffs (1 item is used on one fishing)

It will increase the chances of catching the biggest fish and can be obtained in the shop.

- Prestige points are now being taken into consideration while searching for a clan.


- Fixed the issue where event ranking is not displayed correctly

- Duel streaks will be correctly counted

- Fixed the rare issue where players could not see all available events

Many other minor fixes.

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