Fishing License Level And License Bonuses

Catching fish will award you with points that are added to the overall fishing license progress from the fishery you are on.
After earning a required number of points for one of your fishing licenses, it will be automatically leveled up.
Every second level, you will gain the ability to draw a random license bonus.
License bonuses are useful passive bonuses that work all the time. By drawing a correct set of rod bonuses, you will be able to compete at a higher level.
Bonuses only work when catching fish that they are designated to with the exclusion of the competitive bonus on the fourth slot. Every bonus works for one fish only, and you may have only one fish type buff drawn on your Fishing License.
Bonuses are divided into rarity groups, rarer bonuses are much more powerful but may require several wheel spins.
The first draw on every level is always free. After that, you may try to draw a better bonus, but you will have to pay two pearls for a single draw or 90 for a larger set.
On level 4 of every rod, you will draw a Competetive bonus. Competitive bonus works during duels and when catching fish required in events.
You can also upgrade your Fishing license to PRO so that you can draw a bonus every level.
Pro license will also let you gain experience points 5 times faster.
You can level up every fishing license up to level 10.

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