Weapon bonuses

Each weapon in Wild Hunt has slots for which you can draw bonuses.

Those bonuses will grant you passive stat boosts while hunting the animal for which the bonus is assigned. The stat boosts are:
- +% for the weight of the shot animal
- +% damage when hitting the heart
- +% damage when shooting the animal

To draw a bonus, a player has to tap on the bonus slot on the weapon screen. The bonus will be drawn for the picked slot.

Players can draw one bonus for 5 banknotes, each time the bonuses are being drawn from the animal pool that is available for the region to which the weapon is connected to. 
Bonuses are being divided by rarity, where the higher rarity ones will provide better passive stat boosts.
Players can also draw a set of 20 bonuses for 100 banknotes. After doing so, a player will receive a list of drawn bonuses from which one can be picked. 

To pick a bonus, it has to be selected first by hitting the "CHOOSE" button and the "KEEP" button after that. 

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