Magazines and knowledge cards

Magazines contain Knowledge Cards with animals for the region they are assigned to. The higher the level of a license for that region, the more knowledge cards a player will receive from magazines.

Every animal in Wild Hunt is represented by its own Knowledge Card. Those cards can be upgraded and will provide passive bonuses while hunting the animal. Knowledge cards can be picked before the hunt and will be active for the whole duration of the hunt.

All Knowledge Cards can be viewed in the Album. It is also where the cards can be upgraded. Every upgrade will require a player to have enough Knowledge Points for the Knowledge Card he wants to upgrade, the higher the Knowledge Card level is, the more Knowledge Points it will be required for another upgrade. All upgrades cost coins, and every higher level will require more coins for an upgrade.

Knowledge Cards will provide the following passive bonuses:
- +% for the weight of the shot animal
- +damage points
- +damage for shooting the heart
- +% of coins
- +experience points for the licence

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