Saving and restoring progress - Android

Saving your account progress will let you play on other Android devices and recover it when the application is deleted or reinstalled. Because of that, we recommend doing so as soon as possible.

To save your progress it is required to have a profile on Google Play Games service.

To save your account:

- Enter the game settings by tapping/clicking on the cogwheel placed in the upper right corner of the main game screen

- Press the "connect" button

After doing this, the progress of your account will be saved on the Google Play Games service.

If the game will be reinstalled or played on another device, it will be required for you to redo all those steps in order to load your saved profile. The device must also be synchronised with the same Google profile on which your main profile has been saved.

After choosing the "connect" option, a window will appear that will let you choose your main profile. In that window, you will have to choose the account that will be loaded on that device. The other, unselected profile will be lost.

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