Hunting Interface

Main Hunting Screen
On the top from the left side of the screen, you can find:
- Pause button, which opens up the settings window
- Commission summary and progress
- The number of gained points during any current hunting session
On the left side:
- Your current ammo icon
On the right side:
- Aiming mode icon, which allows you to take a shot. The zoom-in sensitivity depends on the scope a player is equipped with
On the bottom bar (from the left side):
- Infrared vision button and Adrenaline Drink button (available only if a player has them in equipment)
- Tasks progress bar – hunting is divided into three phases during which you have to shoot specific animals. Completing those tasks allows you to get extra rewards.
- Hunting time
- the bar indicates the remaining end-of-hunt time
- Reload button
- Shoot button (available only in the aiming mode)

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