Map interface

There are several options available on the main screen in Wild Hunt:

Map Interface, which consists of:
>the top bar where you can find (from the left side):

- Exit/Back button
- quit the game or close a window
- banknotes
- coins
- license level
- energy
- settings button

Player's level window and available continents bar placed below the top bar

Three icons on the left side of the window:

- equipment icon, which opens a window with the player's gear 
- album icon which opens owned knowledge cards 
- shop icon which opens a window with an in-game store

The arrow button, which reveals the Ranking menu.

Two icons on the right side of the window:

- Our other games icon 
- Special Deal (limited in time) icon

Six icons at the bottom (from the left side)

- Duel icon
- Seasons icon
- Championship icon
- Hunting Clubs icon
- Events icon
- Hunt Icon

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