Update 29-04-2019

New features:

  • Lure level is now being correctly displayed during duels,
  • Fixed clan event screens - better tasks descriptions, better ranking screens, a lot of minor "quality of life" changes,
  • Improved game performance on all platforms,

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where the bonus drawing screen showed an incorrect bonus,
  • Fixed the issue that caused game crashing while writing on a clan chat,
  • Fixed the issue that caused game crashing while entering a clan upon its deletion,
  • Fixed glitches and other errors on rankings,
  • Fixed several tooltips display,
  • Fixed display on certain aspect ratios on iPhones,
  • Fixed the rare sound glitching issue,
  • Fixed the issue with Friends ranking screen,
  • Fixed the progress bar display,
  • Fixed several animations,
  • Fixed several graphic glitches during duels,
  • Fixed information display during events,
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