Changelog - 14.05.2019

Here is a list of changes that are available in the latest update:

Knowledge cards

  • We are introducing knowledge cards which will replace current accessories,
  • The current three perks will be replaced by a single knowledge card,
  • The strength of the new knowledge card will be based on the previous accessories,
  • The old accessories are not lost just converted into the new knowledge cards,

For example:

If the players had:
-Bronze perk for a fox with a 5% weight bonus
-Silver perk for a fox with a 6% weight bonus
-Gold perk for a fox with a 3% weight bonus
The new knowledge card will give a 14% weight bonus.

  • Knowledge cards don’t grant exp points when collected,
  • Knowledge card will grand the heart vital shot bonus only if the animal has the option to hit the heart,
  • Knowledge cards will grand license points for the given region,
  • Knowledge cards will increase the chance for bigger animals, increase the damage for heart shots and increase the number of coins you receive,
  • To upgrade the knowledge card you will need the same card copies and coins,
  • You can receive knowledge cards from magazines,
  • The amount of knowledge cards depends on the level of the magazine you open,
  • All players can reach the license level of 200,
  • Players now will have the option to create hunting clans from level 2.

The next big feature are the weapon's bonuses.

  • They are upgrades for a dedicated animal that are assigned to each weapon,
  • The bonuses are divided into two types permanent (green) random (blue),
  • Permanent bonuses can’t be changed,
  • Random bonuses can be re-rolled using banknotes,
  • There are 3 types of benefits each weapon bonus can give,
    • Extra Weight
    • Extra Damage
    • Extra Heart damage
  • Each of those benefits can have a random value.
  • Each weapon, for now, can have from 3 to 6 bonuses.
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