Clan events

Clan events are the form of competition in Fishing Clash.
All players in a clan will have the same clan event and it will contain the same set of tasks available for all clan members. Those tasks are being completed collectively by all participating clan members.

The goal of a clan event is to earn as many points possible by completing tasks. Player contribution in a clan event will be indicated in the event summary. If for any reason a player won't be able to contribute (i.e. a player has no access to the required fishery) it will also be indicated in the event summary.
There are no thresholds or threshold rewards in clan events. Clans can earn a clan reward, the rewards will be determined by the number of points the clan has acquired. 
The clan event window is where players can see their clan overall progress.

Clan events are available for those clans that have at least 10 members.
They are also available for those players that are in a clan when the event starts. Joining a clan after the event starts will not allow a player to participate.
If a player leaves a clan during the event, his acquired points will remain in the clan for which he was playing for and left. After leaving a clan, a player will not be able to participate further in the current clan event. Such players also won't receive any rewards even if their former clan will be victorious.


Prestige points - Clans can earn prestige points from Event Clan rankings and from Clan events, those points have replaced the current clan ranking points and are currently the main points on which clans are placed in the Clan Ranking.


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