Fish tags

Fish tags are the newest addition to Let's-Fish.

Every available fish has, at least, one tag. They inform players about certain fish attributes such as - fish species, how it can be caught or is it connected to current running events.

Tags are divided into the following categories:

1. Type of fishing - informs players how the fish can be caught.
2. Species/family - informs players what is the fish sub-species (i.e. catfish, trout)
3. Events - informs players if the fish is connected to any event (i.e. Halloween event)

Players can uncover new fish tags by fishing. When the fish is caught, there is a chance of learning its new tag. The chance is higher with every next catch of that fish. New tags will be indicated on the caught fish summary as "new"
Tags can be uncovered by normal fishing as well as by using the automatic fishing feature. Catching fish with the use of fishing nets will not uncover the caught fish tags.


The information on the uncovered fish tags can be viewed on the fish information window.


Players can also find all tags grouped in the Tag Lexicon tab in the player profile window. By uncovering new tags, players can fill up the Lexicon. Players only have access to their own lexicons.


All fish tags can be found on the top side of the Lexicon. After picking one of the tag categories, the Lexicon will show all of the fish that are in the picked category. Only those fish that have the picked tag uncovered will be shown. Tags of the fish that are not yet found will be marked as uncovered. That way, players will see how many tags there are for every fish that can be found.

For an automatic fishing feature, all new tags will be shown on the summary window after the automatic fishing is over.

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