Game crashing

Sometimes the game may not work at all due to server issues. Those are always unexpected and we are working on fixing them as soon as possible. If this happens we will be informing our players about that.
Currently the game may crash on several occasions, if you are experiencing app crashes, please read the following:
- Game is crashing on startup - Make sure that you are in a range of a stable WiFi connection, the game may not run properly when the connection is poor. Please also make sure that the app is up to date, you can check that by visiting Fishing Clash app in the Google Play/iTunes store.
- Game is crashing during gameplay - Make sure that your device isn't overloaded with applications, also you may want to close all of the other apps that are running in the background on your device. To do so, tap on the double window icon on your device.
- Game is crashing when entering store - This may be caused by some old expired offers. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact our support team as those offers have to be manually deleted.
- Game is crashing when making a purchase - This issue will prevent you from purchasing anything at the in-game shop, restarting your device should resolve this issue. If you are still experiencing this error, please contact our support team.

You may also want to reinstall the app. Before you do that, please make sure that your account progress is saved. You can find information on how to save your account progress here - Android and iOS

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