Saving And Restoring Progress - Android

Saving your account progress enables you to load it on a different Android device and restore it when the app is deleted or reinstalled. That’s why we recommend to do it as soon as possible.

To save your progress, you need to have the app installed on your device and have the Google Play Games account.

Steps to save progress:

- Go to your profile

- Choose 'Settings'

- Tap the 'Login' button

After completing these steps, your account progress will be saved in Google Play Games.

If you reinstall the game or use it on a new device, you’ll need to repeat those steps to load your saved account. The device must be logged in to the same e-mail address with which you connected your main account. If there are a few e-mails assigned to one device, there will be an option to choose the e-mail address.

After you choose your e-mail address and tap the 'login' button, there will be a window with the account choice. You have to choose which account you want to use on this device. The account that you will NOT select will be deleted irrevocably.

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