What is a competetive bonus?

The competitive bonus will give you an extra bonus slot for a fish bonus and will remove the issue when players in duels were at a disadvantage when they didn't get any fish from the championship during the duel.
We have recalculated the current duel and championship bonuses that players had in the following fashion:

We have compared two bonuses using the bigger bonus stats. The rod bonus with the stronger buff is the base of the new competition bonus.


2% (weight)

20% (chance)<- the base of the new bonus

5% (speed) <- base of the new bonus


4% (weight) <- base of the new bonus

10% (chance)

0% (speed)

We've added 40% of each stat from the weaker bonus to the base.
COMPETETIVE BONUS: 4% + 0,8% (weight) 20% + 4% (chance) 0% + 5% (speed)

The new bonus is ready. Take note that the maximum weight you can get on the competitive bonus is +7%
COMPETETIVE BONUS: 4,8% (weight) 24% (chance) 5% (speed)

You will draw a competitive bonus on level 4 of your Fishing Rod.

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