1. Tasks are divided into 3 groups:

  • tutorial tasks - they introduce the player into the game up until level 15. These tasks are given to any new player or a player who has not reached level 15. These tasks are not obligatory.
  • daily tasks -  there’s a limit to the daily tasks - you can complete 3 such tasks a day; you have 5 minutes to complete the task, and there are no tasks that would require more time.
  • talent tasks - there are no changes in talent tasks except for the level from which they are available - now from level 13.

 2. The division of daily tasks:

  • Fishing - catch a fish indicated in the task in a given time on a given fishery
  • Fishing Race - catch a given number of fish on each fishery indicated in the task
  • Explorer - catch a given fish species belonging to a given fish family
  • Prepare Your Tackle - catch a given number of fish of a given minimum weight using a given rod in a given time
  • Big Fish - catch a given number of fish of a given minimum weight using a given rod on a given fishery
  • Collector - catch fish weighing a given number of kgs/lbs on a given fishery
  • Good Catch - catch a given number of fish marked with at least 4 stars on a given fishery in a given time
  • Hunting - catch a given number of fish in a given time.

 3. Tasks that appear only in the tutorial:

  • Cast a net
  • Hire a friend to help you with the fishing nets
  • Buy a rod and accessories for it
  • Buy a bait

 4. The Tasks Log

  • The Tasks Log is divided into 3 sections corresponding to the type of tasks (sections ‘Daily’ and ‘Talent’ are locked until the player reaches the required level)
  • the list of the task categories is located on the left hand side of the Tasks Log
  • the list of tasks from a given category is located on the right hand side
  • the rewards for a given task are displayed at the bottom of the window
  • there is a bar indicating the progress underneath each task box
  • In order for the completed tasks to count, you have to open the Tasks Log at least once (by clicking on its image) - this requirement is important mostly for new players.
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    Game will not let me into the "Quest" or Tasks without the refresh the game coming on. It has been 3 weeks for this problem, so I am sure my club gifts are suffering. Please repair. Thanks

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    Becarren Samuel

    Je ne sais pas ouvrir le cachier des tâches

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