UPDATE: Ammunition & Bonuses

Below you can find the list of the first bonuses in Let’s Hunt:


There are three kinds of ammo:

Basic - available for coins; necessary to go on a hunt, you cannot access any area without it.
Upgraded 5% - available for coins and banknotes; works as the basic one one and increases damage inflicted by 5%.
Upgraded 10% - available for coins and banknotes; works as the basic one and increases damage inflicted by 10%.

One pack of ammo is enough for one hunting session.

You choose your ammo before going on a hunt and cannot change it during hunting.

There are different types of ammo required for each weapon:

Hunting rifles - bullets
Shotguns - shot
Bows - arrows

Each pack of ammo can be used only in the region where you have bought it, that is if you have purchased ammo in Europe, you cannot use it in America etc.

Infrared vision and Drinks with Adrenaline

You can buy them only with banknotes.

Both can be used at any time during hunting.

Infrared vision - allows you to see the organs of animals, which makes hitting the vital areas much easier.

Drink with Adrenaline - makes the animals’ moves appear much slower, which hitting the vital areas gets easier.

Each of the boosters works for 20 seconds.

You can use each booster both in the Quests Mode and the Free Hunt Mode.

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    Preg.mi, ho utilizzato il cronometro con l'addebito di 12 banconote ma il gioco ha prelevato le banconote ma non mi ha dato la possibilità di utilizzare il rientro in gioco. Pertanto chiedo, gentilmente, che mi vengano restituite le banconote. Grazie.

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