Hero's profile

To enter the Hero's profile, just tap on a selected Hero in your Hero Box and you'll be taken to the Hero's profile (see the picture below).

At the top of the screen you can see:

- on the left-hand side - a symbol of a fraction, which tells you what fraction your hero belongs to. The fraction could have implication during the game.

- in the center - You have the character specialization, it can interact with the game mechanic. 

  • Beasts            
  • Casters           
  • Commanders  
  • Evolution        
  • Rouge            
  • Support          
  • Guardian        
  • Undead          
  • Warriors         

- on the right-hand side - the cost of the Hero, which tells you how much of the Team capacity the Hero will use if they are chosen to be in the active Team. When the Hero becomes more powerful, their cost increases.

Below the portrait of a Hero you can find the following information:

  • The Hero's name,
  • The Hero's power (a fist symbol - indicates how much damage the hero inflicts during an attack,
  • The hero's health (a heart symbol) - indicates how much damage the hero can take before they are knocked out from the scenario fight, 
  • The number of upgrades (a star symbol) - shows how many upgrades the hero has used in general,
  • The Upgrade button - this button takes you to the Upgrade section. It also tells you how many upgrades the hero has used and how many upgrades are available for them at the moment.

At the bottom of the screen you can see which upgrades are available for the Hero.

Attack Skils

Defensive Skils - used during defence in duels

The icons show all available upgrades.

  • Active upgrades are in full colour
  • Inactive upgrades are grey.


Melee Or Caster

Heroes can be either close combat attackers or ranged attackers. This can be seen in the hero skills. The first skill is either Magic Missle (casters) or Body Slam (melee)

Magic Missile - Casts a single magic missile. Inflicts ranged damage to one enemy equal to the Hero's PWR.


Body Slam - Inflicts melee damage to one enemy equal to the Hero's PWR.


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