Fish Album

The Fish Album allows you to view all fish that you’ve caught so far. There is also some additional info available there:

  • the total number of points you’ve earned
  • your position in the rank
  • the percentage of players who you’re better than
  • the legendary fish that you’ve caught



  1. You can view records of a given fish species classified by the number of stars (showing how close you are to the record weight of a fish).
  2. You have a chance to get a unique status of a LEGENDARY FISH for a 5-star fish.
  3. Fish species are classified according to continents on which they are found.
  4. You get points for your fish, which are then classified in the Best Angler Ranking. The biggest fish you catch, the more chance you have of earning a prestigious title of the Best Angler! ONLY the points for the biggest fish of a given species are counted in the ranking (e.g. if you’ve caught 5 spikes, you get points only for the biggest one, even if it was the first one you caught; in order to get more points for a spike, you need to break your record).

NOTE: Legendary fish are not the same as record fish. Legendary fish are the biggest fish available in the game (they might not have been caught yet by anyone).

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    I just got a 10Hugh fish and it didn't give it to me. What a crock!

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