There are 2 randomly chosen players participating in a Duel.

Each player can take part in the maximum of 5 duels a day.

The winner gets 90% of banknotes, a cup, and 15 points (when the stakes are 15 banknotes) or 5 points (when the stakes are 5 banknotes) - the points are then added up to the ranking.

The defeated earns 3 points (when the stakes are 15 banknotes) or 1 points (when the stakes are 5 banknotes), which are also added up to the ranking.

In order to win, the player has to catch at least one duel fish.

In case the player cannot find a match, aftering choosing the stakes, the banknotes are returned to their account.

The object of the Duel is to catch the biggest fish of a species that is indicated beforehand. Each player uses the same duel rod. Points for a fish are recognized when the given species is caught with the given rod. The player is assigned to a Duel according to their best rod in the Backpack and the level in the game (players with similar levels are paired up).

A person who catches the biggest fish indicated at the start of the Duel, wins.

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    Je trouve dommage que l'on soit obligé d'être au niveau 30 pour participer à des duels !
    Pourriez-vous rendre disponibles les duels à partir du niveau 1 ou 5 ?
    Merci d'avance pour cette modification

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    Alambarazat must be between the same levels within the game

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    David Tudose

    e cineva roman

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