The Tournament Rules

The object of the tournament is to catch the biggest fish of a species that is indicated beforehand. Each player uses the same tournament rod. Points for a fish are recognized when the given species is caught with the given rod. The player is assigned to a tournament according to their best rod in the Backpack.

For the Tournament to take place, the given minimum number of players have to participate. Each tournament takes 3 hours.

Each player can participate in the maximum of 3 tournaments a day. If a tournament is not recognized as valid due to the insufficient number of participants, the number of tournaments available for one day is not affected.

If a player’s rod is too weak for their level or they do not have it at all, they cannot take part in a tournament.

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    Sharra Mario

    Non carica i punti dei tornei vinti cosa devo fare devo giocare nei tornei o non posso giocare aiuto grazie UID 883083561756090

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    Son iki guncellemeden sonra daha once yakalamis oldugum buyuk baliklarin hic birini yakalayamaz oldum power up kullandigimda bile 7. Seviye nadir balik sadece 3 yildiz yakaliyorum bunda bir anormallik var bence ayni seviyede oldugum kisilere karsi cok nadiren duello kazaniyorum bunun duzeltilmesini istiyorum

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