Achievements are a great way to test your skills and earn rewards.

To progress in achievements, you need to complete a given action. Each time you do it, the progress bar advances. When the bar is full, you reach the next level.

There are 4 levels in every achievement:

  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold
  • platinum

When you reach the platinum level, you get a cup, XP points, and, in case of the harder achievements, banknotes.

The achievements are divided according to the following categories:

  • Master
  • Fisheries
  • Fish
  • General
  • Items
  • Rods

You can use filters to follow all your achievements:

  • All - all achievements in a given category
  • New - achievements that you haven’t progressed in yet.
  • In progress - achievements that you’re currently doing
  • Completed - achievements at which you’ve reached the platinum level.
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