In this section you can find guides for how to effectively use both Talents Paths in the game.

  • Each player can have two active Talent Paths at the same time
  • To start the second path, you need to finish the first one.
  • Talent points are earned by completing special quests marked with the letter 'T'.
  • Each talent path has 10 talents.
  • Each talent has 5 levels (the higher the level, the better the talent); the cost of each consecutive level is higher.
  • It costs 1999 banknotes to reset your talents - all talents are then rebooted. The cost is fixed and does not depend on the number of active paths.
  • It does not cost anything to choose a talent path..
  • It does not cost anything to chose a second talent path after you’ve finished the first one.
  • You can reset talents multiple times - each time the cost is 1999 banknotes.
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    David Sharp

    How do you earn or get points for talents?

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    Patrick Merlo

    to win events, you must complete two talent paths.

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