Animals have disappeared from my farm

  • refresh the game
  • check your storage carefully
  • sometimes animals might overlap
  • if animation is turned off, the animals might overlap - try turning animation on for a while so that animals can disperse
  • animals might hide behind the buildings - try looking for them there.

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    bertolini debora

    I ran in the game is 170 diamonds paid 8.99, and 2 angora rabbits that I bought ..... could you please ridarmeli------thank s my name is barbara are an Italian player

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    I have had animals AND buildings disappear - I have submitted a help request. 4 days ago! So far...just had a response telling me they had my request and they would get back to me as soon as they could. Still waiting!

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    I have had several building disappear including the DYER that is a puzzle building that can not even be sold. Please replace those building. At the very least, allow me to redo the puzzle to replace the dyer. Note: I have submitted several tickets over the past few months regarding the dyer and have not had a response other than it would be sent to technical department and then nothing.

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