I noticed that banknotes disappeared from my account even though I haven't purchased anything

Decrease in the number of banknotes can be caused by an accidental lottery use (20 banknotes) or by an earlier pulling-out of a fishing net (2,4, 6 or 8 banknotes). To avoid such situations in the future, don't click on the game while it is still loading.

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    Jane Bartels

    This comment is not about bank notes disappearing, it is about rod achievements not paying the 20 bank notes for the last level of achievement. Sunday 16th february only the 5 bank ntes for gold were payed.What is happening?

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    jesus bozal

    I do not appear for the bank notes to win this week?

    that I can not challenge my friends or anyone. since the change of the challenges is malfunctioning.

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    Billy Haberkorn

    every banknote that I earn or buy are taken away from me the very next day was wondering why that is

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