The game works slowly or freezes

1. Refresh the game  

2. Close any unused programs

3. Clear your browser's cache

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    neeed help :( game open normaly ..but i cant swing with rod ..actuly ther is no rod its kinda freezy...if i chang profile on my brother account or my father it works perfectly ? whats the hack ?

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    Jussi Helttunen

    There are too small amount of servers. These are chosen randomly. Thats why it freezes all day and night long! Never changing... If you use some experiment and power bonus or even more, don't think it works normally. Then it freezes even MORE !!! : ( Rod disapperes, then comes title screen and disappears maybe after 1 minute etc...

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    Mateus de Sousa Santos

    Hello, I'm Matthew, I've been talking to several poblemas Game Fish Let's Orkut site,
    Has no championship
    We can not choose the type of tournament
    has no more 1v1
    has no talent
    has no new fishing grounds

                                          Obigado the attention I hope the problems are resolved ok

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    velove Ceciel Amanda Ardyansyah

    need help.....
    Why cannot connect to my facebook.....???

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