I haven't received purchased banknotes

Most of the transactions are finalized in a few seconds. However, some banks finalize the transfers only during working hours. If you haven't received banknotes just after the purchase, probably your bank uses this transaction system. However, if you still haven't received banknotes after 3 days, please contact us using the contact form.

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    Jussi Helttunen

    My banknotes have not become to my game account, I've reached many platinum level and not got banknotes from these, WHY?

    UID: 541020744

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    Adelita Strebe

    Já faz 2 dias que comprei notas e ainda não estão no jogo. UID: 100003530184231

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    Adelita Strebe

    Por favor já faz 3 dias que comprei as notes e ainda não esta no jogo . Obrigado . UID: 100003530184231

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    Krsto Pandurica

    Sorry , but i finished many achievements and i didnt get any banknotes.
    And my weekly banknotes disappeared ! Why ?

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    Hello, I would like to inform you that I won 50 notes on rating 1 vs 1, but not received, and also my achievements not get the notes when completing the achievements wanted to know why this is happening.

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