Player Profile

Your in-game profile page is divided into 5 categories:

Profile - where you can see all the basic information about your account - your nickname, duel rank, several statistics and your biggest caught fish.

Progress - you can view your progress on every available fishery. You will see how many lures you have and is available (fish discovered), how many story quests you've completed, how many boss fish have you defeated and how many collections you've completed

Skins & More - here you can view your skins and other cosmetic items. You can earn cosmetics in certain events and by purchasing them when available.

Inbox - All messages received from our team will be visible here. Make sure to often check if you haven't missed any!

Friends - If you'll connect to your Facebook profile, all your friends who play the game and also have merged their Facebook accounts will be listed here. You can also merge your account with your Facebook profile here. Please note that will not save your progress.


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