Duel Rules

Duel is a competition between two players.

The duel takes place on random fisheries chosen only from those available to both players.

At the start, each player is able to choose one fish for the duel from three random lures they have.

If a player doesn't have a lure for the fish chosen by the other player, he, or she will have the possibility of catching that fish with the Fishery Lure.

Both players will have 3 minutes to catch both required fish.
Both players can change the lure by tapping on it on the bottom of the screen. Only lures for the required fish are available.

Only the biggest caught fish are being counted.

The player who at the end has more total points is the winner.

You may also send emotes and short messages to your opponent. Tapping on the icon on the lower left side of the screen will bring up the emote menu. 

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