Casting a Line and Catching Fish

You can cast a line by pressing the "Cast" button in the lower right corner.
Once your line hits the water, a fishing minigame will start. Your job is to strike and reel fish in. To be successful, you need to keep the energy bar indicator away from the lowest and highest areas. There's an additional, smaller bar within the energy bar. It represents the fish stamina. You'll earn combo points if you keep the power level. Your goal is to diminish the fish stamina points (represented by the green bar with the heart icon). Every fish has its stamina – bigger and rarer fish will have more stamina.
The more combo points get, the more points you earn for catching that fish.
Filling the combo bar (up to 100%) will result in 5% more points.
Clicking on the weight icon will bring up 'How to catch a bigger fish' window.
The coin icon provides information on your current bonus coins. Every day you can earn coins for the 50 first fish caught. After that, you earn 1 coin for each fish.
After successfully catching a fish, you will get information about your catch, i.e:
size, rarity, weight, earned points and coins.
By pressing the 'Claim' button, points and coins will be added to your account.

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