Lures are items that let you choose to catch a certain fish 

Each fishery and each fish has its own lure with the exclusion of boss fish.
Fisheries lures will let you catch any fish available on its fisheries.

By choosing a specific fish lure, your chances of catching that fish will be higher by a percentage given in the lure description.

Each lure can be upgraded to a higher level. Upgrading lures can be done only after obtaining a required amount of lure points. You can get those points from packs and from the in-game shop.

You can purchase up to 3 randomly picked lures at the shop. Depending on a fish rarity each lure can be upgraded with coins a limited number of times. New lures at the shop will be picked every 24 hours.

Upgrading lures will grant you experience points. Gaining enough experience points will let you level up. Every few levels you will open a new fishing spot.
Upgrading more rare lures will grant you more experience points.

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