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Your in-game profile page is divided into 5 categories:

Profile - where you can see all the basic information about your account - your nickname, duel rank, statistics and your biggest caught fish.

Progress - you can view your progress on every available fishery. You will see how many lures you have and is available (fish discovered), how many story quests you've completed, how many boss fish have you defeated and how many collections you've completed

Collections - here you can see your progress in completing collections. You will see groups of different fish, catching each fish from a collection will award you with a bonus item. You can get up to 10 bonus items from each collection - 1 for each star (all required fish must be caught with the same minimal amount of stars to get the reward) Collection is considered as completed once every fish from it has 12 stars.

Achievements - is a list of all available achievements. Completing each achievement will award you with pearls. The higher the level of the achievement is, the more pearls you will get from completing it.

Settings - all game setting can be found here. You can switch sounds and music on and off. You can change your in-game name (you can change your name up to 20 times on your account!) switch on or off vibrations. Connect with Facebook and visit our page on Facebook.
You can also log in to your Google Play/iTunes account - this is highly advisable, that way you won't lose your progress if you'll decide to switch devices in the future. Please have in mind that Google Play and iTunes don't share the same accounts, transferring data between those services is not possible at the moment. You can also change the app language (mobile devices only)

Report error option will let you send a request directly to our support team, please use it when you'll experience a bug or any other problem with Fishing Clash. Sending those messages will help us improve the game!
Player ID is your unique account number, we strongly advise to write it down. Please note that sending a message with "report an error" option will also automatically send your player ID to our support team.

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