Boss battles

Bosses are an extremely rare kind of fish available on every fishery.
You can catch them with any lure you have.
The game will inform you that you have a boss fish hooked before the minigame starts.


Catching it will award you with fishing lure upgrade.
Boss fish are always Gigantic (10 star)

Each fishery has a total of 6 bosses.

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  • Avatar
    Brett Anthony Repko

    After you catch the 6 total Boss Fish for each fishery will all Boss Fights for that fishery be over? Or do you still have the ability to have more Boss Fights?

  • Avatar
    Jason Danesie

    My game only has 5boss fish per leave

  • Avatar
    Scott Light

    They are shady! Against my better judgment I made a $20usd purchase. I did not receive my items and support turned their backs and said I received my items. You don't think I would know if I got over 1000 lures. Shame on this company!

  • Avatar
    Jimmy Coulter

    I have had at least 10 Boss fights in Hawaii and not 1 win? Get half way through and it goes off the grid? Can't get it back any way I try? I think my game is missed up because I just got Hawaii a couple of days ago? Everything works fine but boss fight? Jumps to the end and can't get it back?

  • Avatar
    Mieczysław Fergon

    ja mam 5 bossów na łowisko a nie 6

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