Buying bonuses and packs

Packs and bonuses can be purchased at the in-game shop in Fishing Clash.


Both can be purchased only with the use of pearls.

You can use tabs on the top panel to quickly move to the items you are interested.

After purchasing a pack it will automatically open. 

Bonuses will be added to the amount you currently have and will be inactive by default (unless you had some before the purchase that was active)

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    Danai Chanthaisong

    ซื้อแล้วไม่ได้เงินก็หัก เซงบอกตรง

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    Yousif AlNidawi

    I have a problem right now I bought a pack two days ago but didn't opened till now (suppose to open automatically as your discreption but not happen unfortunately ) I am afraid I lost my money for nothing the offer was just for 24 hour.. can you help!! I won't buy any thing again if you don't fix and resolve this issue... thanks

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    Yousif AlNidawi

    My problem had been resolved thanks allot for the support

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