In Fishing Clash packs are your main source of where you will be getting new lures and points to level up the ones you already have.


Packs can contain several rewards such as:




There are different types of packs in Fishing Clash:

Free Packs - available for each player every couple of hours.

Duel Packs - for winning a duel. Opening them takes time.

Hook Packs - available after obtaining 10 duel tokens.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs - available only at the store and from winning duels.

Special packs - usually are apart of a limited offer. Can contain lures for a specific fish type or for a specific fishery only.

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    Scott Light

    They are shady! Against my better judgment I made a $20usd purchase. I did not receive my items and support turned their backs and said I received my items. You don't think I would know if I got over 1000 lures. Shame on this company!

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    Kevin Gilbert

    Hello Tensquare,

    Again I'm finding myself disappointed with your game.

    Having worked hard to complete your resent legendary events and lure competition angels getting to open the double legendary pack I get a duplicate lure and lost 1 to stand at level 2 2/4.

    Why is there still so many issues with multi packs, even when purchasing them? I have since stopped buying any as I have no confidence in your game and actually getting what I pay for. It really is a poor show.

    I know I am not the only player to have issues around this but maybe they have said already but I find it really annoying that for a money hungry application that your only interested in players purchasing rather than giving proper game play and value for money.

    Please acknowledge my complaint and I hope you can resolve this issue and offer some form of compensation.



    Player 1943831 ID IceDog

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