Fish rarity

There are 4 different types of fish rarity in Fishing Clash. Each is being indicated by a lure color:

- Grey - Common - can be upgraded up to level 10


- Blue - Rare - can be upgraded up to level 9


- Green - Epic - can be upgraded up to level 7


- Purple - Mythical - can be upgraded up to level 6


- Gold - Legendary - currently the rarest lure in the game. Can be upgraded up to level


- Red - Event fish - special kind of lures available for a limited amount of time in special events. You can find more info on those types of lure here


Each rarity type has a different price for upgrading as well as a chance of finding them in packs.

After upgrading lure to its maximum level you will be able to sell the same lures if you'll get more from packs.




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    Scott Light

    They are shady! Against my better judgment I made a $20usd purchase. I did not receive my items and support turned their backs and said I received my items. You don't think I would know if I got over 1000 lures. Shame on this company!

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