Fishing Magazines & Knowledge Points

Fishing Magazines are used for gaining knowledge points about each fish.
Each Magazine contains knowledge about a few randomly chosen fish.
The Magazine can be about fish from a certain fishery or it can have a more general content and contain information about any fish in the game.

After opening the Magazine, all Knowledge Points from the Magazine are automatically gained by the player and the Magazine disappears after it’s been read.

Pages in the Magazines are divided into 4 types: grey, blue, gold and purple.
Each type of page can contain a different number of Knowledge Points.
Grey pages have the least value and contain only a few points while purple pages contain the biggest amounts of Knowledge Points.
The number of Knowledge Points for each page is random.

Each page contains:
The number of gained knowledge points
Player’s current Knowledge Level and number of Knowledge Points for this fish
The number of Knowledge Points required to begin training of the next Knowledge Level.

To increase the Knowledge Level about fish after having reached the required Knowledge Points, the player just needs to open a window of a fishery where such fish can be caught or a tab in the Fish Album.
Every fish whose level can be increased will have a box with Knowledge Points marked in green.

There’s a tab on the right side in the information window that contains information about every fish and appears the cursor hovers over it. It contains an option of Fish Knowledge training.

The duration of every training takes a specific amount of time. The higher Fish Knowledge level, the longer the player needs to wait for the training to finish.

The player can have up to five active training at a time. You don’t need to be logged in the game during training sessions. The Fish Knowledge training is independent of other actions taken in the game.

The training is finished after the determined time and the Knowledge Level about the fish is permanently increased. Each Knowledge Level passively increases bonuses which are active during fishing a certain specimen:

- Maximum possible weight of fish
- Faster reeling out
- Bonus strength

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